Zukes Soup Roadside Cafe Laundromat is slated to open on

Zukes Soup Roadside Cafe

Zukes Soup Roadside Cafe


Zukes Soup Roadside Cafe- Fans of Zuke’s Soups and Variety at 381 West St. in Pittsfield have been out of luck for the past two years; However, repainting the building resulted in a call to Liz Zucco.

Zucco, who also owns Zucco’s Family Restaurant on Dalton Ave in Pittsfield, spoke to Slater on Tuesday.

“Yes, it was a big decision to change the color of the building, but since the concept will be a fresh laundromat for the community, we went for a nice white color,” said Zucco. Zukes Soup Roadside Cafe rep said “We’re changing the whole reality of the building, it’s been a grocery store for many years. We’re making a take-away café that will hopefully be open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. along with the laundromat to accommodate these times. Take-out only, you can order on Merriam St. and pick-up on West St. Get great food, ice cream, milkshakes and many of our staples that we originally had from Zuke’s.


Zukes Soup Roadside Cafe said like our homemade chili  and the macaroni and cheese that everyone loved and maybe some sandwiches too. We’ll highlight the baked potato in particular!

The “Z” potato, which you can take with you, is loaded. Favorite items, chives, sour cream, butter, chili  we are very happy that the potatoes are coming out of the window. ”

Although a table or two will be available, Zukes Soup Roadside Cafe mentioned that the goal was for it to be “grab and go,” grab your food, and go to all of your favorite areas of Berkshire … the park, the lake, etc.

As for the laundromat, Zucco isn’t sure of an official name, hear about it below.

“We’re really looking forward to an opening on July 1st, gas lines for the machines, the access ramp for the disabled and a few other things to be installed, but we really hope for an opening on July 1st,” said Zucco.

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