Walmart39s Curbside Grocery Pickup Is Pulling In New Customers

Walmart's Curbside Grocery Pickup Is Pulling In New Customers

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Walmart‘s curbside grocery pickup offering, which is set to be available from 3,100 stores by the end of the year, is gaining serious traction.

Between 11% and 13% of Walmart customers use the service, and it will account for 33% of the retailer’s digital sales by next year.

Here’s what it means: Walmart’s curbside offering is becoming more important to both customers and the retailer itself.

A majority of customers feel it saves them time and is an enjoyable experience.

A resounding 76% of Walmart’s grocery pickup customers said they saved time by shopping online, and a solid 64% felt the experience was an enjoyable one.

Shoppers are spending more when using curbside pickup.

While the average spend per trip for in-store shoppers was $49.70, customers spent more than 2.5 times as much when shopping online for grocery pickup — $124.86 on average.

The bigger picture: Curbside pickup may be a powerful weapon in Walmart’s fight against Amazon.

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