USA San Francisco retail stores offer curbside pickup as some COVID 19 restrictions eased

USA: San Francisco retail stores offer curbside pickup as some COVID-19 restrictions eased

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San Francisco retail stores and businesses partly reopened its doors to customers with curbside pickup on Monday as part of California’s Phase Two plan to ease coronavirus restrictions.

Footage filmed on Monday shows some retailers placing their goods outside the stores for the curbside pickup while commercial activity is slowly trying to return to its normal pace.

However, some of the business owners prefered to keep their outlets closed as broader shelter-in-place orders remain active. Makeshift counters set up at the entrance to several stores preventing customers from entering could also be seen in the video.

Retail stores in San Francisco and other eight Bay Area counties of the California state are now permitted to sell goods for outside pickup as more than 1,5 million people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the US.

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