Urban Fare launches new e commerce service with roadside pickup

Urban Fare launches new e-commerce service with roadside pickup

Before the pandemic, shopping for groceries was one of the tasks that we often put on hold and opted for take away so as not to have to pack a pile of dishes with a full stomach.

But things are different now. A growing number of retailers and grocery stores are making it easy for us to access the essentials – without wasting our entire evening just squeezing in a workout and some relaxation.

With the launch of their brand new website and app, Urban Fare is the latest supermarket chain to introduce e-commerce services designed to make our lives easier. We no longer have to wait in long lines at the weekend or browse the shelves after work. Instead, we can place an order and pick it up at a time that suits us.

Vancouver, Kelowna, and Calgary locals can take advantage of Urban Fare’s easy-to-navigate website – and a host of new deals – while enjoying a seamless and secure shopping experience. From weekly flyer deals with the cheapest items to try (along with tips from chefs) to new local produce, there’s a lot to add to your next grocery shopping trip.

Canada’s Prime Beef

Canada’s Prime Beef (Urban Fare)

Meat lovers, prepare for it. Urban Fare’s new premium beef offering is made from the top 2% of Canadian beef. The meat grown in Western Canada offers undeniable steakhouse quality, which means you can order a ribeye, filet mignon or striploin steak, grill it on your grill and recreate the popular dining experience at home.

Kicking Horse Coffee

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Daniela Constantini / Pexels

Could we go a day without coffee? Probably not. But that’s because BC roasters like Kicking Horse Coffee make it easy for us to make a boastful cup of joe right from our kitchen. Whether you prefer to make your coffee with a fancy coffee maker or a reliable percolator, at Urban Fare you will find beans and ground coffee from Kicking Horse.

grilled chicken

Rotisserie ChickenUrban Fare

Roast Chicken (Urban Fare)

For busy days when you need a flavorful, savory meal quickly, order a roast chicken from Urban Fare. Choose from one of three options: Italian, BBQ, or Cajun, and serve the chicken in a fresh salad or with oven-baked laden potato skins (if the carbohydrate cravings are calling).

Earth-own barista oat milk

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Oat milk (Earth’s own)

If there is one herbal product that can make you feel like a real barista (if only for a moment), this is it. BC-based Earth’s Own made this super creamy, vegan oat milk so every steaming hot latte we make at home tastes like it comes straight from a coffee shop.

Gourmet burger

Gourmet BurgerUrban Fare

Gourmet burger (Urban tariff)

From experience we’ve found that making burgers at home can be, well … messy. If you share a similar opinion or would like to enjoy delicious burgers at fry-at-home (goodbye, prep), then it is worth trying the new burger patties from Urban Fare. Choose from flavors like the always classic plain, Tuscan, Bacon Cheddar, Sriracha, and Pepper.

Hardbite chips

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Black Sea Salt Chips (Hardbite)

There’s never a wrong time to buy a bag of chips – period. The founders of the BC brand Hardbite have set themselves the task of making all-natural chips in flavors that satisfy every mood and taste, from spicy dill pickles to avocado and lime, pepper bushes to sea salt and pepper. As the chips are now available in Urban Fare’s grocery section, we try a new flavor every week.

Wagyu roast beef

Wagyu Roast BeefUrban Fare

Wagyu Roast Beef (Urban Fare)

Making the same old sandwiches for lunch day after day gets old very quickly. To shake things up and enjoy a regal snack, order this Wagyu roast beef from the deli. It’s sous-vide in the store and consistently includes all the flavors and juices of this perfectly marbled beef – which makes the ideal accompaniment to a freshly baked baguette from Urban Fare’s bakery.

Fair gelato

Dairy Free Raspberry Lime Gelato Righteous Gelato

Dairy-free raspberry-lime gelato (righteous gelato)

The season for ice cream is here and we have waited cautiously for it all year. Products from the Calgary-born Righteous Gelato brand are now available at Urban Fare, offering small amounts of non-dairy ice cream in flavors such as raspberry lime, peanut butter and jam, and dark chocolate caramel sea salt right at your fingertips. (Go to the freezer section, immediately add any flavor to the cart.)

Accessories from ChopValue

ChopValue Serving Boards ChopValue

Serving Boards (ChopValue)

We’ve covered some of the amazing foods you can order at Urban Fare, but did you know the supermarket chain also has accessories to add to your game at home? For example, you can order a stylish serving board from BC-based ChopValue that is made entirely from recycled chopsticks to add value to any meal.

When you shop at Urban Fare, you can spice up your grocery shopping with delicious foods and matching serving accessories.

To browse the full range of products and shop locally at Urban Fare, visit the new website or download the Urban Fare app from your App Store.

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