3 signs you are in the wrong career

Three Strong Signs That You’ve Fell into the Wrong Career

Three Strong Signs That You’ve Fell into the Wrong Career

Ending up in the wrong career is a fate that befalls to millions of people around the world. This can lead to higher stress levels and an all-around negative mental state. Besides these factors, being in the wrong career can make anyone feel jaded and feel as if nothing they do has real meaning. These are not sentiments anyone should go through, and turning them around by starting a new career should always be your goal. In fact, did you know that people, on average, hold as many as 12 jobs throughout their life?


However, how can you change careers when you don’t even know how to spot when you are in the wrong one? Fortunately, there are a number of signs to watch out for that indicate when you may be on the wrong path. Don’t ignore these signs, as doing so may just lead you to feel less happy about your work as a whole. Spot these signs and take action right away.

You Complain Constantly

One of the biggest red flags that a job may not be right for you is that you complain about work constantly. Are you the friend who is always saying how much they hate their job after work? If so, try to narrow down what exactly you’re complaining about. This is important to do to determine what exactly is causing you so much stress.


If you are lucky, the thing that is causing you to complain may be fixable with a simple job change. However, if you complain quite often, it’s more likely that the source of your complaints has something to do with your career choice. Assuming this is the case, it may be time to look into a different path.


Consider learning how to write a two weeks’ notice and getting out of your career as soon as possible. Sitting in a career that is wrong for you will only lead to more stress in the long run and give you a headache as time goes on. Look into new careers and keep an eye on job postings so that you can jump on any opportunity to escape your current job.

Your Work Bores You

Another major sign that you have ended up in the wrong career is that your work bores you. Nobody is excited at work on a Monday morning, but if every task you are assigned bores you to death, it may be a major sign that something serious within your career is boring you. Staying at a job that never captures your interest is a quick way to become jaded at work.


As when you are complaining about your job, try to determine what specifically is boring you about your career and see if it is something that can be easily fixed. Perhaps you need a career that matches the times more. If what you need is a skill or job that is up-to-date for the future of work, consider learning what coding is used for


Coding is one of those skills that are sure to be huge for the future of work and is a dynamic craft. There are also numerous coding languages that are used for different job functions, which means that you could enter an industry or career that actually interests you. Assuming you find something you like, consider attending a highly rated coding bootcamp near you today. 

Another Career Catches Your Interest

Noticing that your career bores you and that your eye is always wandering to another job is a huge sign that you’ve chosen the wrong job. Consider making a career switch and pursuing that other job that seems to be capturing your interest more. There are a number of fascinating entry-level tech jobs that may be far more exciting than anything you are doing now. 


There is no shame in ending up in the wrong career. You may have taken that job in an attempt to appease someone or perhaps it was the first job offered to you out of college. Regardless of the specific reason, you have the choice to change careers whenever you want. Now more than ever, resources exist that can help you switch jobs at any age. Take advantage of these resources and choose to change your life for the better, rather than stay in a career that leads to a dead-end. Your work will make up a large part of your life and there is no reason to retain a job that leaves you feeling empty inside.

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