Stores inside the Oakdale Mall adapt to curbside pickup


JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Although the Oakdale Mall is still closed, some of its stores fit the criteria to reopen during phase one and offer curbside pickup.

There is one specific pickup location where customers can go to pickup orders, but they must stay in their cars and wear a mask.

Stores in the mall are breathing a sigh of relief, after what’s been a tough few weeks.

“Now that we are able to start getting in there to help alleviate some of the pain, but whenever you take what you’re doing everyday and take it away in an instant, it’s certainly a big change,” said Pro Image Sports owner Andrew Malo.

Malo says his business took a hit even before the store closed because sports were put on hold.

“Our sales were already down because no sports, no driving the man, no hot players, nobody going off 50 points or anything like that. That helps drive the market,” he said.

Now being able to connect with his customers, Malo is grateful although curbside pickup isn’t ideal.

“We’re a little bit unlucky because we’re at the opposite end of the mall with our location. So curbside isn’t the most convenient for us but it’s at least something to get started,” said Malo.

Meanwhile, Shops of 607 is located right inside the pickup point and says things have been going smoothly.

“It’s very convenient for us to just pop out, get them their item, and exchange the payment,” said co-owner Abigail Williams.

But both stores say they look forward to having customers in the store.

“I’m just praying, hoping to get back to as normal as possible by the shopping season, by Black Friday and Christmas. Because if we can’t get to normal by then, if the NFL doesn’t start, that’s where the pain really hurts,” said Malo.

“We’re just working on the guidelines to make sure our customers are safe and we’re safe when we do open,” said Williams.

It’s still unclear when the Oakdale Mall will open to the public, but according to a video posted on its Facebook page, it will provide more information once it’s available.

If you’re looking to put in an order for curbside pickup at Shops of 607 or Pro Image Sports, you can contact both stores on Facebook.


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