Setting Up Your In Store Pickup

Setting Up Your In-Store Pickup

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Square Online Store offers a rich suite of features to help you serve your customers and manage your online business. This tutorial shows you how to:

Enable in-store pickup
Set up pickup times
Select fulfillment options

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Today we’re going to run through how to adjust your pickup settings.

Part 1

In-Store Pickup
Offering in-store pickup for online orders gives your local customers a convenient alternative to shipping, and can even inspire additional purchases since customers will have the chance to see your goods in person.

You can enable this feature from Settings — Pickup. If you’ve already saved an address in Store — Setup — General, you’ll see that here. Use the Add address button if you don’t already have one saved.

Next, click the Edit pickup settings button to access the general settings for pickup orders.

If pickup is your preferred fulfillment method, use the button here to set all existing items to pickup. You can also check the box to default to pickup for any items you add in the future.

You can also set a quantity limit for pickup orders, and enable order tipping from this screen. When you’re finished editing the settings, click Save to return to the main screen.

Part 2

In order to use pickup, you must also set business hours – these are the time frames during which customers can pick up orders. The default hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, but you can edit these hours via the Edit location settings button.

In the settings, check the box for each day of the week that you will offer in-store pickup, and then enter the hours for each day. You can add multiple time frames by clicking Add range. This will allow you to exclude specific hours, which is handy if you would prefer not to handle in-store pickups during regular busy periods. Next, choose an appropriate order prep time. You can set this for as little as 5 minutes or as long as 12 weeks.

Does your prep time vary depending on the item? You can specify a prep time at the item level as well. Simply edit the item from Item Library and scroll down to the fulfillment section. The prep time you select from the drop down menu will only apply to this item.

If you want to let customers schedule a pickup within the timeframes you defined above, check the box to enable that option. Enter instructions for your customers so they’ll know where to go to pick up their order and check the box if you want to use the “order ready” status, then save when you’re finished.

Now that you’ve configured pickup, you can decide which items will have this option at checkout. If you’re planning to ship some of your items or want to allow customers to choose between pickup and shipping, you can set the fulfillment method for multiple items from Item Library. Use the checkboxes to select items and then click Set fulfillment method to change the selected items to shipping only, pickup only, or both.

Part 3

Fulfillment options will be displayed on each item page on your site, so customers will see that information before deciding to purchase. When a customer buys an item that has the pickup option, they’ll be given the address you entered during setup. If you’ve opted to allow them to schedule pickups, they’ll be able to choose from among the hours and days you provided. If not, they’ll be given the earliest possible date and time slot based on your hours and prep time settings.


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