Roundtable Episode 10 Allied Companies

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In #SCARoundtable, a video series from the SCA, CEO Yannis Apostolopoulos hosts conversations with leaders in the coffee industry from around the world with a view towards the future.

Episode #10 features a conversation with CEOs of allied companies in coffee— companies that provide a range of goods and services— from software, brewing equipment, recruitment, and logistics. This conversation was recorded on Thursday, June 4 and features:

– Norbert Niederhauser, CEO of Cropster
– Julia Leach, President at Toddy
– Andy Kerr, Founder and Managing Director of OCR Commodities
– Enrico Pacorini, Group CEO of Pacorini

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Roundtable is made possible with support from Storm Barista Attitude. A blend of craftsmanship and high technology, Storm Barista Attitude is designed for the most demanding and experimental baristas, offering total control over brewing parameters. Learn more on their website here:



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