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BELLEVUE, wash., June 1, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Restaurant Revolution Technologies (Revolution) today announced a partnership with Flybuy to provide a technical integration between Revolution’s Order One platform and Flybuy Pickup to automatically notify restaurants of roadside pick-up customers.

Revolution’s Order One platform previously included a roadside pickup solution with manual warnings in the order confirmation as soon as customers arrive at the restaurant locations. However, the Flybuy pickup integration now offers chain restaurants an automated premium solution that tracks the customer journey from order submission to arrival for order pickup. The premium roadside pickup solution enables restaurants to be proactive in the pickup process and creates a smooth, seamless and personalized experience.

“By partnering with Flybuy and integrating our Order One platform with the Flybuy Pickup platform, we are delivering a premium solution with superior automation that enables restaurants to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” said Revolution Chief Executive Officer, Brad Duea. “Restaurants continue to face tremendous operational challenges from hiring staff to reopening locations. To offset the burden, we are continuing to add innovative features and integrations to our Order One platform at reasonably priced packages, reducing transaction fees for larger restaurant partners with multiple units will be eliminated and restaurant companies will be able to expand their off-premise business.

Jason’s Deli is Revolution and Flybuy’s first joint partner to offer its customers the technical integration for a first-class roadside pick-up experience. Roadside pickup orders placed from the Jason’s Deli order page flow directly into the restaurant’s POS via Revolution’s patented POS integration (Patent # 9,805,351) for seamless processing.

“Flybuy Pickup as part of our roadside collection customer experience optimizes digital ordering options for our restaurant operations and also significantly improves customer convenience,” said Amy Schuster, IT director of Jason’s Deli.

“We are excited to partner with the innovative teams at Restaurant Revolution Technologies and Jason’s Deli to create a fully automated roadside pickup experience for customers and employees,” says Jeff Baskin, Flybuy’s Chief Business Officer. “We understand that most restaurants are currently suffering from labor shortages and with the help of Flybuy Pickup, restaurants can maximize work efficiency by allowing staff to easily manage customers for food, take-away orders and deliveries.”

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About restaurant revolution technologies

RRT Holdings, LLC (Revolution) is an industry innovator, owner of several patented technologies, and the off-premise partner for restaurants across the country. Through its Order One platform, Revolution offers a unified web, mobile and voice order management software platform that integrates seamlessly with restaurant POS systems. Revolution’s Ground Control Delivery Enablement program, backend services and data capture capabilities, completed by DoorDash, enable restaurants to seamlessly serve orders outside of the store and provide their customers with a premium brand experience from start to finish. The company’s marketplace order insertion program, Connect, enables restaurants to submit orders from third-party marketplaces directly to the POS for optimal operational efficiency. Learn more at or follow Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Via Radius networks and Flybuy

Flybuy’s location platform uses proprietary location technology to help businesses deliver a smooth customer experience and promote location-based transactions. The platform includes Flybuy Pickup to optimize roadside and in-store collection; Flybuy Tableside to improve in-store ordering speed and service; Flybuy Pay to make contactless payments and optimize the checkout and payment process; and Flybuy Drive-Thru for redeeming loyalty points and automating pick-up in the drive-thru lane. Radius Networks, Flybuy’s parent company, was founded in 2011 in. founded Washington, DC.

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