Manage Online Orders with Square

Manage Online Orders with Square

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Learn how to manage online orders from the Square Dashboard or Square app.
With Square, you can track and manage online orders, for multiple fulfillment types, from the online Square Dashboard and the Square app. You can accept online orders with your Square Online Store, integrate with an eCommerce partner, or by creating a custom built API for your website by heading to

Just keep in mind, Square’s API allows you to build a payment platform from the ground up while using Square to securely process your online payments, so you may need to hire a developer since technical knowledge is required.

Once your customers start purchasing online, you can manage orders from your Square Dashboard. Just keep in mind, the process will vary slightly depending on the fulfillment type.

To get started with pickup orders:

1. Head to the Orders tab of your online Square Dashboard.
2. From here, you’ll see a list of your orders. You can use the filters to view Active, Completed, Upcoming, or All Orders. Click on an order to take action, and click Mark in Progress. When you’re ready for your customer to come pick up, click Mark Ready and lastly select Mark Picked Up.

If you’re managing a shipping order, click Mark as In Progress while you process the order, and when you’re ready to send your customer the item(s), select “Mark Shipped”. Choose to add the tracking information or “skip”.

Once you complete an order, you can view the transaction details. To get started managing orders from the Square app: Tap the three horizontal lines to bring up the Main Menu, Orders.

For pickup:

Tap an order to bring up the details page and click Mark as In Progress.

When you’re ready for the order to be picked up, tap Mark as Ready, and once the order leaves your business, tap Mark as Picked Up. If the order is being shipped, after the order is marked as in progress, you can tap Marked as Shipped and enter the tracking info or skip.

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