How Does Curbside Pick up at Loveland Public Library Work

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Curbside pick-up for Library materials starts Friday, May 1st at Loveland Public Library while the building is closed. But how exactly does it work?
1. Place your holds online or by phone, calling (970) 962-2586.
2. Staff will select your items and get them checked out to you.
3. Your items will be bagged up in paper bags and placed alphabetically until you call to stay you are on your way to get them.
4. Arrive at the Library by car, on foot, or by bike.
5. Walk up to the waiting queue and wait in line. Please make sure you stay 6 feet from others and stand on the blue lines.
6. A staff member will greet you when it is your turn.
7. After getting your name, staff will grab your bagged items for you.
8. Your items will be slid across a table where you can grab them, ensuring no contact occurs
9. Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others as you exit the Library grounds.
10. Enjoy your items and return them to the book drops after you are finished!

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