FUN Ways to Home School

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We’re switching things up a bit today and the kids will be doing their homeschool work in different silly places throughout the house! Lucy has Addy and Maya draw from a bowl random locations for the girls to do their work. Reading in a bathtub, math in bed, lessons under a table – what silliness! After 6 weeks of being cooped up inside all day, I think we all needed a change of pace.

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Music credits:
Walk It Out – SOLO
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Golden State – Fantoms
Look! Over There! -Hale
Metropolis Daybreak – Cody Martin
Marshmallow Overload – Avocado Junkie
Slow Your Roll – Fairlight
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Chill Waves For Days – PALA
My Lucky Stars – Adrian Walther
Touch The Sky – Matt Wigton
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Outside In – Sounds Like Sander
Huddle Snuggle – Avocado Junkie
You Know What I Need – Adrian Walther
Vibrant Bliss – Cody Martin
Angel Wings – Sounds Like Sander



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