eBike vlog 3 Curbside Grocery Pickup by Bike New Trailer Lessons Learned

eBike vlog #3 | Curbside Grocery Pickup by Bike | New Trailer Lessons Learned

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eBike ride vlog #3. Let’s take a ride to curbside grocery pickup by eBike and talk about some lessons I learned from the previous pickup with a new bike trailer.

Origin 8 ergo transit handlebar:
Ergon GP1 ergo grips:
Mirrcycle mirror:
Bar end mirrors (better ones):
Sunlite rack top basket:
Schwalbe Marathon plus tour tires:

Don’t get over confident with a new trailer! I got a little too excited for my first grocery pickup with the new 40 gallon tote and ordered a bit too much. The cargo filled up the tote and made it difficult to keep the lid secured. I should have brought extra cargo bungees and had my rack basket ready. The toilet paper and paper towels could have easily been strapped to the top of the tote. It helps to also bring gear ties to secure the lid down and an insulated bag to secure eggs and other perishables.


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