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Retail Curbside Pickup Shops Curbside pickup at retail stores surges 208% during coronavirus pandemic. Running list of Retail stores currently offering curbside pickups for household items, grocery stores, and pet supplies When you purchase through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Target Many online retailers are currently experiencing shipping and delivery delays as they try to keep up with increasing demands in the immediate wake of a new coronavirus pandemic. While you're trying to stop huge crowds to remain vigilant when it comes to social distancing, a shopping trip isn't the best opportunity today. Thankfully, many grocery stores now offer curbside deliveries, which is as easy as ordering online and letting your store know that you're there. Let's look at the retail stores that carry the convenience directly into your car. Sam's Club has simple grocery pickup on the curbside. Club Pickup, the curbside option offered by Sam's Club, using the common online shopping system, waiting for a notification and heading to the store. There's no limit in terms of expenditure, that means the order will be there even if you're only trying to restock on coffee. Some stores has even specialized Drive Thru areas to further streamline the pickup process at the curbside. When you wait for your order online, non-members can pick up your order for both the food. They still are trying to need order number and an ID. With Dick's innovative and fast curbside pickup choice Sporting Goods, after you order and pay online, you can tap the "I'm Curbside" icon in your order confirmation email when you pull up curbside. An employee will take your products out and put it in your car for you. "Contactless Curbside" is available until 6 pm seven days a week.

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