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Curbside Pickup Meaning- Here’s How Curbside Pickup Really Works! LOVE IT!

Curbside Pickup Meaning

So what exactly Does Curbside Pickup mean anyway?

Curbside Pickup has emerged mainly due to Covid 19 concerns. Curbside Pickup is basically a way of ordering online or on your phone scheduling a time to pickup your order. Curbside Pickup is available for anything from groceries to Christmas gifts online.

For example ordering groceries for Curbside Pickup means you pick up your curbside order the same day that you order online! As a result, you get Instant gratification instead of waiting days on end to get what you wanted.

Curbside pickup is becoming the choice of shoppers verses going into stores during these unchartered waters and tough times. An added BONUS – Curbside Pickup is a major TIME SAVER!

How does Curbside Pickup Work?

  1. You go to a website and Order what you want!
  2. You then can schedule what pickup time is best for you.
  3. Then, it’s pickup time. Normally, the wait is less than 5 minutes after arriving your order is brought to your car.
  4. The process generally is very smooth!

curbside pickup grocery shopping

So let’s take a look at Ordering groceries online for Curbside Pickup as an example:

Walmart has done very well with curbside pickup groceries.

Curbside Pickup and online grocery shopping is liked by grocery shoppers better than going in the store to shop for an hour.

Other Curbside Pickup grocery options are heb, whole foods, aldi, also Heb grocery curbside pickup does not add a convenience fee like Walmart does!

Shopping for groceries Curbside pickup is much better because in my opinion!

You can just look in your pantry and order what you need. Normally, when I personally am in the store grocery shopping I end up buying way more food than I need!

Plus, if the kids are with, they end up getting restless and I forget to pick up what I really need. Not to mention that the kids end up getting junk food.

Curbside pickup is much better!!

Tips on ordering grocery curbside pickup:

1.) Place your order at least 4 hours prior to when you want to pick up.

2.) There is generally a convenience fee of up to 3% added to the prices of items purchased online vs in the store.

3.) Shopping online also Allows you to price compare and save extra money

4.) You can add notes about what you would prefer.

5.) When reviewing your cart you can choose allow substitutions.

6.) They will of course offer additional grocery items for your curbside pickup order. BE STRONG!

 Curbside Pickup Meaning and How Curbside Pickup Works

Curbside pickup basically means you order online. Schedule when you want to get your curbside pickup order. Arrive at grocery, clothing store, electronics stores. Your curbside pickup order is loaded in your car.

In our opinion, Curbside Pickup Shopping is MUCH BETTER than Shopping in the stores!

Stores That Offer Curbside Pickup

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