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Curbside Pickup Definition- The Future of Shopping


Curbside Pickup Definition

Curbside Pickup Definition- The Future of Shopping 2021

Curbside Pickup Definition

First, what exactly is the definition of “curbside pickup”?

Enter Retail Curbside pickup means any order that’s retrieved outside the physical store. That includes orders you place from your cell phone, on a mobile app, or online. Once placed, a customer just has to pick up their order from an employee at your favorite retail store near you!

Sounds pretty easy and convenient! Well, it is!

Curbside pickup basically means

  1. You order online.

        2. Schedule when you want to get your curbside pickup order.

        3. Arrive at grocery, clothing store, electronics stores.

       4. Your curbside pickup order is loaded in your car.


Curbside pickup is basically you order online. Then drive to store and park in curbside pickup spot. Then an Employee from the store loads your order into your trunk. You Drive off.

In our opinion, Curbside Pickup Shopping is MUCH BETTER than Shopping in the stores!

Some Major Player in the order online get Curbside Pickup Include:


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