Curbside Pickup Available at Jacksonville Garden Center

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We’ve put together Home Making Kits with some of our tried and true material. These are easy to order, fun to plant, and you will enjoy these in your garden and homes for as long as you’re home and beyond!

Order and pay over the phone, we will have them ready for you to pickup the very next day! 

You’ll simply pull in, drive up, honk once, and we will bring the garden ingredients to you! Please stay in your car and pop your trunk. We are doing all we can to keep you and our staff safe but we don’t want you to lose the chance to create and enjoy nature.

Bring on the Butterflies!
1-1 gal. Milkweed- Monarch host plant
5-1 gal. Butterfly Perennials
1-4” Fennel – Black Swallowtail host plant
1-4” Curly Parsley – Black Swallowtail host plant
1-4lb. Bag of Bio-Tone organic fertilizer

Spice up your life!
1-1gal. Herb
3-4” Herbs
1-4” Marigolds
1- 12 qt. Happy Frog Potting soil
1- Italian Terracotta Window Box

Let us know if there is anything you’re particularly interested in growing.  Otherwise, you can expect fragrant, useful herbs like Basil, Rosemary, Fennel, Cilantro, Thyme, Parsley and more!

Easy and Fun
1-4” Succulent
4-2” Succulents
Cactus Soil
Granite Chip to top Dressing

Add a little Color and Sunshine!
SEASONAL color PATIO POT – $38.00
Thriller, fillers and spillers

2-1 gal. Flowers
3-4” Flowers
12” Terracotta Pot
1-12 qt. Happy Frog Potting Mix
ALSO: We offer home delivery at several discount rates depending on your distance from Earth Works Garden Center.

Earth Works operates a retail Garden Center. provides landscaping, hardscaping, water features, lawn care, lawn spraying, and drainage solutions.

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