Curbside liquor pickup begins at some state stores

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Here is a list of the locations where Pennsylvanians can get wine and spirits.

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. — The Fine Wine & Good Spirits store in Palmyra Township of one of more than 170 state stores in Pennsylvania that are taking orders by phone.

Boxes of liquor and wine were being loaded into cars one at a time at a state store near Hawley on Tuesday.

There is a set number of orders the store can take in one day. Each order is limited to no more than six bottles and must be paid with a credit card. Bottles can then be picked up the next day with curbside pickup only.

“I think they can do it a little bit more than they are, but what do I know? This is something none of us are familiar with,” said Bob Murray of Honesdale.

A large volume of calls is something some stores aren’t set up for. This location in Palmyra Township has only one phone line, and employees are doing their best to take orders as quickly as possible.

“It’s the first day. I think it’ll calm down. I’m stocked up now until this thing is over,” said Bob Essex of Hawley.

For the most part, pickups were going smoothly, but there was still some confusion as people continued to pull into the parking lot to place an order.

“It was well advertised. They were very clear on what the procedures were going to be. You could see people probably took a chance, thinking well maybe if it’s slow I can get in or something like that,” continued Essex.

Some people were frustrated about the wait to get through on the phone, but others were more understanding about the situation and the precautions the stores have to take.

“Take your time; we’re all in it together. We’ll work through it. That’s about it. What can you do? You have to be safe,” said Patricia Bunt of Hawley.

“We’ll go home and try to call. There’s no urgency. We can always drink beer,” continued Murray.

The pickup service runs Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. When you place your order, it will be ready the next day.

A complete list of Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores that are taking phone orders is posted here.


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