Buyer Beware Online Shopping With Walmart and Amazon

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I share my shopping tips, tricks and tools and give you a warning. Buyer Beware! We’re all doing a lot more online shopping, especially with Walmart and Amazon. I even share with you a BONUS TIP on bypassing store limits. When you’re a nomad, or if you live in an RV or tiny home, being able to get supplies is even more critical. Share your tips in the comments below.

1) Walmart has one day a week where they let seniors and “at risk” customers shop early and pick up curbside early. PLEASE do not abuse this privilege or their good intentions around this, but if you qualify, it is a wonderful way to beat the crowd and for many right now, the heat as well.
2) I always select “no substitutes” when checking out online for curbside pickup. They rarely are out of exactly what I want and if they are, I grab my own selection when I run in to the store for my few remaining items.
3) It can be a pain to get setup in the online system for Walmart‘s in store pickup and curbside delivery, but once you do, you won’t be sorry.
4) Employees at three different stores have told me Walmart does not allow them to accept tips for curbside service. It literally is their business but I do not agree with that practice so I always try. Every now and then one will accept my gesture and I am grateful they do. Happy shopping!

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Filmed on July 22, 2020

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