37 Retail Stores Now Offering Curbside Pickup

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If you’re trying to avoid large crowds and stay diligent when it comes to social distancing, now is not the greatest time for a shopping trip. Thankfully, plenty of retail stores are now offering curbside pickup, which is as simple as ordering online and letting your store know you’re there. Let’s take a look at the retail stores that bring the convenience straight to your car.

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1. Sam’s Club has simple curbside grocery pickup.


Club Pickup, Sam’s Club’s curbside option, uses the popular process of shopping online, waiting for a notification, and heading to the store. There’s no minimum in terms of spending, meaning even if you’re just trying to restock on coffee, your order will be there. Some stores even have specialized Drive Thru areas to further streamline the curbside pickup process.

Non-members can pick up your grocery order if you pay for your order online. They will still need the order number and an ID.


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2. Michaels brings your crafts to the curb.


While it can be tempting to have another Netflix marathon, now’s a perfect time to finally finish knitting that sweater you started ten years ago. Keep in mind that Michaels curbside pickup only lasts until 6 p.m. (unless your store closes earlier), after which you’ll need to grab your order inside the store itself.


3. Get your mask-making supplies curbside at JOANN Fabric.

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Like Michaels, JOANN Fabric is pivoting in order to stay open. They’re offering free curbside pickup for JOANN.com orders.

Once you get the email saying your order is ready for pickup, park your car in the JOANN parking lot, call the store and give them your order number, make and model of your car and then get ready to wait. JOANN orders are taking a while to fulfill curbside.

JOANN is also offering free tools and tutorials to help you make masks. Donate masks at your local store.



PetCo’s curbside pickup option is just as beneficial to your wallet as to your pets. When you select the “I’ll Pick It Up” option while ordering, you save 10% on your whole order.


5. And then get another 10% off when you use Petsmart curbside pickup.

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Not to be outdone by Petco, Petsmart is also offering 10% off your Petsmart.com order when you pick it up curbside or in-store.

Order online, call when you get to the store and press “0.” Then open your trunk and wait in your car.

6. Get Dick’s Sporting Goods products in one click.

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With Dick’s Sporting Goods innovative and quick curbside pickup option, after ordering and paying online, you can click the “I’m Curbside” link in your order confirmation email when you pull up curbside. An employee will bring your stuff out and put it in your trunk for you.

“Contactless Curbside” is available seven days a week until 6 p.m.


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The Container Store has a “Click & Pickup” option on their website that allows you to schedule an exact pickup time, which is ideal if you have other errands to run. Or you can use the store’s “Call & Pickup” option over the phone. And, for select NYC locations, “Click & Deliver” and “Scan & Deliver” allow same-day delivery for $29.


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8. Take control with Target’s Drive Up option.

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Target’s Drive Up curbside pickup option is organized through the Target app. Choose the items you want in the app, keep an eye out for a notification, and park in the requested spot. Simple as that.


9. Keep an eye on Kohl’s new Drive Up service.

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Kohl’s Store Drive Up hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Just shop on Kohls.com, select “Free Store Pickup” or “Drive Up” at checkout, wait for an order confirmation email, and call your local store once you’ve arrived at the curb in front of the store.

Keep in mind that if you’re sending someone else to pick up your order, you’ll need to include their email information on the Pickup Option section at checkout, as a confirmation email is required for pickup.


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10. Restock your electronics with Best Buy without leaving the car.

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Order online at Best Buy, and make sure you have your local store selected. Once you’re done selecting your items, choose the Curbside Pickup option on the Review and Place Your Order section. Once your order is ready, all you need to do is park, notify the store, and open your trunk. Keep in mind that you’ll need to bring both a photo ID and the credit card used for purchase.


11. JCPenney gives you Style on the Go (depending on where you live).

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JCPenney has launched their “Style on the Go” service for curbside delivery. The only snag? It’s not available everywhere quite yet, as current locations include California, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, and more. Make sure to check if your local JCPenney store offers the service before you check out.



12. Revitalize your home office with Office Depot curbside pickup.

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If you’re working from home and have to restock supplies, you’ll need a quick trip to Office Depot. In addition to the company’s in-store pickup, Office Depot and OfficeMax offer an option to simply click “I’m Curbside” in your online order confirmation email for delivery directly…


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