3 Grocery Stores Now Offer Curbside Pickup

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by Dana Fowle
Aired Oct. 30, 2017

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. – Grocery shopping is always on the ‘to do’ list. It can be a hassle if you’re time crunched or have kids in the car. But curbside grocery pick up is picking up steam.

I remember a decade a go retailers trying this sort of thing but shoppers weren’t buying it. Well now they are.

Publix just announced it’s testing out a curbside grocery pick up. Atlanta is one of two cities in the country giving it a go. The other is Tampa. You can use the Publix app or website to order groceries then you just go to the store and pick them up. At the curb.

This is how it works. Sign on then start putting items in your virtual cart. While you’re busy at work, or doing other things, someone in the store loads them up and gets them ready for you. You have full access to the store as though you were there yourself shopping. You can even set your pick up several days out. You’ve paid online so when it’s time for pick up head to the store. There’s designated parking. Call in and say, “I’m here.” They’ll bring them out.

“We know that customers are always looking for convenience. And Publix is known for great customer service. So, this is an extension of this. Customers have been ordering online through Instacart and our site now for at least a year, in our market, so this is an extension of that. You can get the groceries that you want in the time frame that they ant to do it,” said Brenda Reid from Publix.


Town Brookhaven
104 Town Blvd. Ste. A100
Brookhaven, GA 30319

Medlock Corners
5805 State Bridge Rd.
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Publix is not the only store doing this. Walmart does it at participating stores. You sign up, go online then put in your zipcode to see if it’s available. Kroger has a program called “Clicklist.” There are many locations that offer this service.

Some services charge a fee others raise the price of the grocery a tad.



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